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Next Gen Call Queue Management System

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Your Call-Center Queuing Hurdles

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Contact center agents typically swamped during peak times, leading to long queues, abandoned calls and frustrated customers.Callers should wait for a long time in queue listen to repetitive music or commercials before getting answered.


Today IVR technology has exploded, for better or worse – often for worse. A customer should navigates through a complex phone tree, to book their requests or talks to an agent and its inevitable for a big percentage of them to get lost and burned out.


Dropped calls leave no traces resulting in callers have to start over the whole process of surfing the IVR tree , waiting in the queue and starting over the conversation with new random agent which is a total waste of time and energy for both parties.

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Happy Callers

Productive Agents

ResQ is specifically designed to deliver a positive caller experience that yields greater levels of self-service for callers to and within the organization. A fast, simple and intuitive call connection means happier callers, more available (and less stressed) operators, and time and cost savings for the enterprise.

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Token ID Reservation

ResQ is going to mitigate the waiting time  with a superior solution in mind. With ResQ you still have the option to hangup the call whenever the queue is crowded. but with the given Token ID and an interactive texting system, the callers will be notified as soon as the spot is ready to be answered .Moreover callers are not restricted to specific phone line.

Finally they may opt-in to scheduler system which enables them to postpone a callback or earmark another time-frame for the next business day.


Token ID

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